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All services are catered to the needs of educators and learning institutions alike.


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Service Offerings

If significant work is to be done, all key stakeholders must be accounted for in a learning institution – school leaders, educators, and students alike. 

Customized Project Support

for learning institutions

Customized project support to bring your long-awaited vision to life, ensuring prioritization and actualization through strategic implementation and execution.

Innovative Pedagogy

for educators

Thought-partnership around fresh, innovative mindsets and practices to best support the holistic child’s learning, ensuring increased engagement & overall growth.

Professional Development

for school leaders

Relevant staff training and development programming to promote sustainable self-development, ongoing learning, and internal motivation for your valuable educators.

For learning institutions

Customized Project Support

Are you struggling to implement a new project or initiative? You aren’t alone.

Many learning institutions are so focused on their students that there is little time left to deal with all else (operations, financials, stakeholder engagement, marketing, etc…)

No matter what the project, my Customized Project Support option co-creates a vision of success and plan to reach this new reality with you.

Offering may include, but is not limited to: implementation timelines, tracking systems, feedback structures, financial models, workplans, team trainings, etc…

“Komal is a natural and tenacious problem solver. She is provocative, attentive, and methodical – in other words, a dependable and talented partner in change.”
Morgan McCray, VP of Business Operations – New York Foundling

For Educators 

Innovative Pedagogy

Are you struggling to integrate fresh ideas into your established curriculum? or looking to optimize materials and approaches?

Many educators are overwhelmed with staying on schedule with both lessons and unit plans leaving little time to dedicate to researching and integrating new or extra creative ideas.

For every curriculum – school-wide to a case-by-case classroom basis, my Innovative Pedagogy option enhances what you are are already doing and targets areas of growth to help you create personalized options for the holistic child.

Offering may include, but is not limited to: engagement strategies, mindset shifts, classroom resources, supplemental materials, coaching sessions, etc…

““In her years as a classroom instructor, Komal embodied the virtues of a Mindful educator who taught, modeled and reinforced for students how to manage their emotions and cultivate meaningful and trusting relationships while developing vision for the future that inspires hope. “
Brandon Greene, Director of Holistic Support Services – Making Waves Academy 

for school leaders

Professional Development

What about your invaluable educators? How are they doing these days?

Leading a school is no joke. There are board members, parents, vendors, partners, educators, students, support staff, and more to think of on a daily basis. Juggling each stakeholder’s needs can be overwhelming.

Time to get something off your plate, my Professional Development option partners with school leaders, like you, to plan staff trainings that are both relevant, motivating, and enriching. Leaving your educators refreshed and able to give more to their students and show up better in their classrooms.

Offering may include, but is not limited to: strategic planning, 3-5 yr professional development mapping, group facilitation, learning resources, surveying & feedback sessions, etc.

“Komal’s leadership style in two words: empathy and empowerment. Coming to meetings led by Komal never felt like just going to another back-to-back meeting. From starting with a 5-minute meditation to carving out time for gratitude cards, she knew what our team needed to bring our best selves and focus to maximize our team’s time together.”
Emily Sampson, MBA ’20 – USC Marshall School of Business