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I inspire audiences to re-imagine education as we know it.


Hi! Nice to meet you, I’m Komal Shah.

I am a visionary who calls for more from our education system.


I’ve starred on podcasts, spoken at events, led small group workshops, and addressed large congregations to get the word out on the need and revolutionary impact of bringing consciousness into education.


I’m an active and compelling speaker; always keeping my audience’s highest and best good at center of my messages. I aim to guide others to their own realizations through provoking questions, increasing awareness, and facilitating time for introspection.

Raise Your Hand

Komal Shah introducing her first publication Raise Your Hand: A Call for Consciousness in Education, formally named “Bringing Consciousness to Education,” which was newly released September 2021 – click here for more information.

Tips and Tricks for Online Instructors

Komal Shah as a guest speaker on the podcast, Tips and Tricks for Online Instructors. She shares how she strives to teach, lead, and support others on their personal growth journeys and offers a few practical actions can help instructors show up better in and out of the classroom.

Want to Lead an Event Together?


I speak on an array of education-related topics, such as consciousness practices, the background of educational systems, innovative pedagogy, and educator wellness & best practices.

Dr. Stacey Gonzales

EdUp Edge K-12 Podcast Host & Former Administrator

“Komal Shah knows how to speak directly to an audience’s heart and mind. To say she is a “natural” is an understatement. She genuinely cares about each and every teacher and student. Her ability to connect with an audience and bring a focus on consciousness in education is not only inspiring, but encouraging. During a time when many are feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and like giving up, Komal’s message is sure to uplift and inspire audiences.”


Podcast Host of Disrupt Education & The Unlearning Coach

“Komal is one of the most empathetic people I know.  I am amazed at how she has the tremendous ability to understand the human approach in education.  From professional development to customized projects, Komal will connect with every learner in the room to ensure engagement and growth.  I highly recommend Komal at your upcoming event.”

Anna Murphy

Podcast Host of K12ish

“There are few people that can bring such joy and presence to digital spaces as Komal. Her passion for consciousness in education and what it means to educate the whole child imbues light into her speaking and engages everyone listening. You will leave energized and focused in the critical work of reforming education. I cannot recommend Komal enough.”

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