Raise Your Hand!

A Call for Consciousness in Education

It’s time to reimagine the current education system by shifting the old paradigm of academic achievement, to integrate key consciousness components in the classroom from Day One. Come along and hear reflections, insights, and visions of over seventy leading educators and parents working together to build the new educational paradigm to benefit all children. Are YOU ready to raise your hand?

About the Book

Let’s envision classrooms that cultivate conscious children.

✧ It’s time to re-imagine our education system for future generations of children. 

✧ It’s time to shift the focus from the external, material world to the internal world of a child.

✧ It’s time to redefine “success” as each child leaving the education system as a mindful, connected, fulfilled young adult who uniquely contributes to society. 

✧ It’s time to come together and learn from top alternative educators on how best to serve our future students- see book’s 70+ stories & lessons on the intersection of consciousness & education.

“A compelling call for a paradigm shift in how we educate children: to redefining ‘success,’ recognizing each child’s inherent value & worth, and cultivating their innate gifts so they can make their unique contribution to the world.” 

“A must read for all educators as it takes you on the path of understanding that mental and emotional well-being is far more important to prioritize than academic intelligence and if we build that as the foundation our world would become the place we dream of for our future generations. Transformative work!”

“Exactly the kind of book that is needed at this point in K-12 education today. Refreshing ideas to transform children into conscious-minded lifelong learners. I plan on gifting this book to my own children’s teachers.”


A special thanks to my 70+ book contributors.

Your experiences, insights, and expertise will lead this movement in educational reform.

The Vision Fulfilled

Educational Reform through Consciousness

All beginning with establishing a fundamentally Conscious System instituting Conscious Classrooms cultivating Conscious Children equipping Conscious, Contributing, & Fulfilled Young Adults

Read Komal’s story from classroom educator to educational reform advocate- here.