Bringing Consciousness to Education

Reimagining schools by shifting outdated educational paradigms for our children

A collaboration of leading alternative education thinkers, uniting on the mission to create a more harmonious world by shifting outdated educational paradigms through consciousness.

About the Book

✧ It’s time to re-imagine our education system for future generations of children. 

It’s time to shift the focus from the external, material world to the internal world of a child.

Each story and lesson in this book takes a deep dive into the intersection of consciousness & education. 

My hope is that we can envision classrooms that cultivate conscious children.

The future? Children who become adults that are self-aware, connected, empathethic, and purposeful.


A special thanks to all of my book contributors. 

Your experiences, insights, and expertise will lead this movement in educational reform.

About Komal

Her Vision

A child leaving the education system as a mindful, connected, fulfilled young adult.

This is Komal’s desire and vision- to use educational spaces to raise up conscious children, equipping them to later become conscious adults.

Her Background

After Komal spent five years in the Teach for America program as a middle school educator, she was left wanting more. She wanted more for her kids, all kids; she wanted more out of the education system as a whole. To pursue this dream, she attended USC Marshall School of Business where she received her MBA. Today she leverages her passion for education, business expertise, and her personal conscious living practices to shift outdated educational paradigms and transform the educational system for the betterment of all children.

Read more on Komal’s Background- here.

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