A thought piece on focusing on a child’s spiritual well-being through education.

As I’ve reflected on my own teaching career, I have begun to re-imagine what our school systems could look like for the future. Innovation is already out there. This has been seen through the implementation of movements such as the Waldorf or Montessori schools. There is no question that educators are becoming more innovative for our children. Parents are also getting involved by advocating for new ways to educate their child. And schools are moving to meet this demand.

But what if we took it a step further? What would it look like to integrate education with a focus on a child’s soul? What would it look like to teach kids beyond mere academic standards, and instead on value-based work that emphasizes emotional intelligence, love, kindness, and acceptance? What if we teach kids the goal of living a conscious and fulfilling life? Simply speaking, we could teach students to live life in the present moment.

I have begun to re-think a school that serves a purpose of raising an empowered child to live his or her own truth. This will look different from how we are educating our children now.

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