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“Let’s raise our kids towards consciousness, rather than college”
Sadhguru, an Indian Yogi and author (Isha Foundation, 2019)

As it goes, “Get good grades…work to improve your test scores… get into an acclaimed college….take that internship this summer, or three…land your dream job…etc.” Even in 2021, these are the directives fed to children in the current education system from kindergarten all the way through college. They are the mantras – given in love- by teachers, administrators, coaches, counselors, and even parents, in order to help the next generation reach “success” and “happiness.”

But is this true? Are these the marks of a person’s success and happiness in life? With child, teen, and adult suicide rates consistently increasing since the mid-1990’s, one could beg to differ.

Komal Shah, an educational consultant from San Diego, believes in the power of the educational system to bring transformation- to truly raise up purposeful, thriving, empowered, and fulfilled adults who actively and uniquely contribute to society.

Raise Your Hand! reimagines the current education system by shifting the old paradigm to a fresh, new paradigm through focusing on integrating key consciousness components from day one in the classroom. Come along and hear reflections, insights, and visions of 70+ leading educators working together to build the new educational paradigm to benefit all children going forward.

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