About Me


In my quest to bring consciousness to all children, I believe in the power of authentic leadership- being fully myself and encouraging others to be fully themselves.


If life has taught me anything, it has taught me that one must connect within themselves to interact harmoniously with the world.

My Story

Hi! I’m Komal! I found my path for living a conscious life and now I wish to share my learnings with others, particularly through transforming the educational system.

What does it mean to be committed to living consciously? It is a path in which one is fueled by intentional reflection and regular spiritual practice. This is SO much easier said than done, I know. I did not always approach my life in this way. Pivotal life experiences led me, and continue to lead me, to this continual process of personal transformation and growth. But, with each new, internally connected day, I live more and more in harmony with others, society, and the planet.


A little bit about myself

I started my life in a tight-knit Indian American community in San Diego, CA. After attending UC Irvine as a biology major, I began to question my career goals of becoming a doctor (what a surprise! I had only thought I wanted to be a doctor…). What sparked this change in me? Three words- Eat. Pray. Love. Just kidding, well sort of. While on a trip- a completely unplanned trip, that is- to India in 2013, I had an epiphany; I realized that I was here on this earth for something greater than the simple, limiting career options that were normalized by my community. Upon my return, I spontaneously applied to Teach for America, also an experience I never thought I would have, which changed the course of my entire life. I stepped into my power- I was a teacher. I knew it in my soul and I never looked back.

Through Teach for America, I taught 6th and 7th grade underserved middle school students in Richmond, CA for five years. The minute I stepped into the classroom, I realized I had found my calling, and over those years, I developed a fiery passion for teaching, leading, and supporting others in their own experiences of personal growth. I formed deep relationships with my students, and I learned to empower them through a culture of conscious connection and intentional action. I also worked with diverse teachers, inspiring them to lose control and personalize their learning curriculum and classroom settings for their students’ benefit.

But I wasn’t fulfilled. I wanted more from the educational system. I realized I didn’t agree with the way the public system assesses student and teachers’ growth and success. I realized I didn’t agree with standardized testing and grades. So, after gaining all I could from this opportunity- particularly insight into effective school leadership and well-run organizational settings- I set out to bring a business lens to the education space. To achieve this goal. I attended the USC Marshall School of Business for my MBA and gained technical skills in finance, operations, data analytics, and strategy. In my second year, I was elected as President of the Full-Time MBA Class of 2020, allowing me the opportunity to lead and serve Marshall’s greater community towards holistic well-being. What is more, my MBA experience helped me identify my life goal, being to leverage my passions for education and business to shift the paradigm in our education system by creating a conscious, alternative school that is solely for the purpose of one thing – a child’s consciousness.

Alongside my MBA studies, I intentionally furthered my own consciousness journey through being an active Kundalini yoga practitioner for over two years, alongside other meditative practices. And now, I feel charged to bring these spiritual practices and learnings to the world of education utilizing these ancient tools of healing.

“I have a dream of cultivating a new generation of humanity that consists of young people committed to evolving and transforming by discovering their higher selves and their true purpose.”

From connecting to children inside under-resourced classrooms, to leading a body of MBAs towards holistic wellness, to discovering and challenging ever crevasse of my innermost self on my yoga mat… Today, I stand equipped and ready to give back to all that has been given to me these last few years. In my current chapter of life, as an Education Consultant, I serve learning institutions on projects that require strategic planning, innovative thinking, and human-centered curriculum and programming. I specialize in engagements supporting consciousness, connection, and contribution, in all the ways. Check out my offerings to see how I can help your learning organization. I’d love to hear from you, if we are a good fit!


Many blessings,

The Komal Shah Difference

My Values & Standards


I fiercely believe in building authentic connections with others to develop meaningful relationships.


I prioritize empowering others to reach their utmost capacity so they can shine in their light. 


I stand to create authentic spaces of joy, leading to bold and beautiful experiences.


Collaboration is key to make sure all parties feel heard and engaged to reach a common goal.


A holistic perspective is given at all times, ensuring that the human is the center of the experience.


Finding a true purpose for work provides intentionality,  creating a foundation for success.


Previous Partners

“Strong facilitation and engagement”

Peer Learning Facilitator

Komal provided a conscious, safe, and educational space for our Fellows to examine themselves and she freed up our team members to work on the business.

Sarah Daniels, Inspiring Capital 

“Collaborative and aspirational leadership”

Sixth Grade Team Lead and Teacher

Komal embodied the virtues of a Mindful educator who taught, modeled and reinforced for students how to manage their emotions and cultivate meaningful and trusting relationships while developing vision for the future that inspires hope.

Brandon Greene, Making Waves Academy

“Positive and productive experience”

Marshall graduate student association president

Komal’s gift is her ability to meet people exactly where they are at, then leverage the right balance of challenge and support to get them to the next level. 

Anne Ziemniak, USC FTMBA Program

“Natural and tenacious problem solver”

social impact consultant

I witnessed Komal’s ability to work through ill-defined and ambiguous organizational challenges and present critical insights. She is a dependable partner in change.

Morgan McCray, New York Foundling